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    Are my images available to view publicly?

    All of my boudoir sessions are completely Confidential, unless I am given permission by you to share for marketing purposes. Otherwise, you can be sure that only you & your loved one will be seeing your images!


    Who will be present during my boudoir session?

    Usually only myself and my client, but you are welcome to bring a friend if that helps your confidence. These sessions are a female only zone, so even if your shoot would require thatI have an assistant/stylist; there will be no males on-site.


    Is Hair & Make up Included with my session?

    No, but I do have a few stylists I can recommend, depending on their availability for your date. Estimated price is $75 - $100. You are also more than welcome to use someone that you are comfortable with.


    Do all the pieces in your inventory come in multiple sizes?

    I try to curate a very versatile and unique inventory, but I do have a couple of options that fit more than one size! While I do have a few complete looks, my pieces are mostly complimentary! If you don’t see something you like or its the wrong size, let me know and we can put our heads together.


    How heavily do you edit the images?

    I take time and care to edit your images in a way that flatters, but doesn’t transform you. My goal is to capture your true and natural beauty. However, I do understand that we all have our flaws, and will edit any imperfections to compliment you beautifully. If you have any specific requests, please let me know at the session, so that I will be aware while editing.

    Here's what my
    Girls are saying

    Laken Brown

    Kaycee McMullan

    Daphne Smith

    Chyna Walters

    Cady Davis

    I would never thought in a million years that I would do a boudoir shoot, let alone LOVE it and feel so comfortable in my own skin. Jessica has such an eye for certain shots and made the whole experience so fun! I would highly recommend any girl to do it!


    Your photos made me feel so empowered and show me how all my hard work has paid off, which we don't always see in the mirror at home. The photos are amazingly beautiful. I never imagined that I could look like THAT! You’re fantastic. I felt very relaxed, beautiful, and the experience is unlike anything I could have imagined!


    Jessica has been amazing! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in march of this year and wanted to take pictures before my surgery and after to document everything. I was nervous and not really sure what to expect, but Jessica made sure I felt like I was working with someone I have known my whole life. Not only did she make this process easy but she produced amazing pictures as well. I cannot wait to book another photo shoot with BlackBird. Thank you so much for being patient and helping me.


    Jess made me feel so comfortable… it was like hanging out with my most non-judgmental friend!!! The vibe in the studio was so laid back, but also so organically sexy. she was honest with me about how my clothing choices would transfer to photographs (as a plus size girl, i had a lot of preconceived ideas of what “sexy” looked like) she walked me through every single detail it took to get a good shot! I never felt overwhelmed . I felt empowered the entire shoot! i remember her saying “who knew an old blue t-shirt could look so hot!?!” and that was my favorite shot! It was the best time and best gift I've ever given myself!…. my husband liked them too!


    You made me feel so strong and confident during my shoot. I felt so Empowered and it helped me open a new chapter of confidence in myself. Its been way too long and I need to book another photo session soon!


    A Few Tips

    Tip #1

    Don’t forget to bring things that make you comfortable! That could be music you enjoy, a favorite drink, or a friend! Whatever gets you to your most relaxed you!

    Tip #2

    Don’t forget to bring your jewelry! Costume Jewelry or something special from your loved one. Even heirloom jewelry can be a personal touch to honing in on something wonderfully unique.

    Tip #3

    Eat! So many clients don’t eat before, not a good idea! You need to snack, maybe not a full course meal, but Eat!

    Tip #4

    I have a lot of girls bring over-sized shirts, jerseys, things like that, and that’s fine but remember we want to show you off! Not completely cover you.

    Tip #5

    Some find that it helps to do some kind of exercise or yoga beforehand to help tighten and stretch.

    Tip #6

    And as cheesy as it sounds....look in a Mirror. See what you like and don’t like when it comes to facial expressions! Some girls hate their straight face or think they look mad. Some hate to smile or make a “sexy” faces because they think they look silly. Let me know what parts of your body you’re uncomfortable with.

    Something for Everyone!


    I have curated a versatile and efficient wardrobe inventory to add something special to your outfit or even a complete look! Take a look, I can't wait to see what you have in mind!

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    Where do you want to shoot?
    Would you like to use Nature's resources, in your own unique space, or another option! I have some extra places that let me book sessions, according to their availability!
    The best way to show what i offer is through sharing images of my clients! Images only shared with client consent. No nudity will ever be shared and you can rest assured only the most viewer friendly images will ever be shown on this site or instagram!
    I love to hear why you are reaching out to book boudoir with me! Include any special dates I should be aware of and any ideas you have. Whether its an anniversary, weight loss goal or just celebrating yourself - I love to help you show your confidence!